Social media

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Track engagement through @mentions and #hashtags.

  1. Sponsored posts
  2. Facebook live and events
  3. Twitter
  4. Instagram
  5. Custom campaigns

Sponsored posts

You can make a regular post on a social network, and reach an audience, but you can expand that audience by putting some money behind it, which kicks out the walls of the bubble and surfaces your post a little longer.

You can also take that same post and push it out via other influencer channels, such as specialists in your field, reviewers, or other media entities. This would get your message into an even wider pool of potential customers.

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Facebook Lives and events

Activate your business or event with live interviews, tours, lessons and event set-ups. Get more information on our video capabilities.


Slip into the news feed and live along side breaking news, entertaining content, and interactive communities.

Instagram Stories

The Instagram feed is a lean-forward medium, while Instagram Stories are a lean-back medium. People actively scroll through the feed, but passively view Stories (like a TV show). Get more information on our video capabilities.

Custom campaigns

Coming soon.