First-party data & website retargeting

  1. First-party data
  2. Retargeting
  3. Hyper-local mobile
  4. Location retargeting

First-party data

Access holistic data, including on and offline purchasing behavior, browsing history, social media activity and app usage.

Build an engagement strategy by partnering with us to build a plan that narrows in on the right data to reach an engaged audience.

Reach the customers you’re looking for: B2B, sports fanatics, young professionals, new moms, etc.


Re-targeting will show your digital display ads in front of people who have visited a page or pages that you specify. Often when a viewer visits a page for more information, they don’t act immediately, instead taking some time to digest the information they’ve received.

Re-targeted ads show up later as users continue to browse the web, reminding them of their interest in your product.

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Hyper-local mobile and location retargeting

Hyperlocal Mobile ads are targeted to a specific address, or within a few blocks of a location.  Users in the location targeted will see your ads on their phone or tablet. Think: targeting people at a festival or sports event.