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Digital billboard

It wasn’t long ago that digital advertising meant you could only target someone sitting at a desk, but within the last decade screens have proliferated to many corners of our lives. Places like highway billboards, gas station screens, mall kiosks, public transportation and doctors offices.

Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) lets you customize ads on the go. It becomes much easier to swap out creative on a dime and, as technology and targeting advances, can even be used to change the message based on someone standing nearby.

Audiences are more captive than digital display ads, which can often be blocked, skipped or scrolled. Ads that appear outside and in realtime are much harder to ignore.

Create a message that is easy to remember

But make sure you’re developing an ad plan that takes advantage of novel situations; this is a great way to increase information retention. Use your brand’s voice to introduce your product, then further customize your message for each situation.

For instance an outdoor billboard could promote the opening of your hot new brunch spot. Then a video at a gas pump could talk about how delicious the food is. Finally, when the viewer sits down at the end of the evening, target them with a hyper-local display ad with a call-to-action to click for more information.

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