Audio is endearing

Woman with headphones and smartphone

Audio advertising is probably the oldest medium for spreading a message; even before the advent of cave paintings, we were communicating with each other with some kind of proto-language (it probably included a lot of hoots and clicks, since those sounds travel further).

Then somewhere along the line we developed the concept of fireside storytelling, then announced our messages via town criers, eventually making our way to radio signals and the development of commercial jingles, which dominated for about 100 years.

Now listeners have fractured into all kinds of locations to point their ears, from traditional radio to digital radio, streaming audio like Pandora and Spotify, and podcasts and audio books.

These new frontiers have opened up a wealth of opportunities to target specific demos and pair your messages with interactions. In some cases, such as podcasts, your messages aren’t bound to a specific time, giving you more creative opportunities to talk about your product. The audience may not be as monolithic as it once was, but listeners are more engaged in their platforms.

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