Integrate into daily lives with native advertising

Overcome ad blindness with a local look and feel through native advertising.

Native advertising is a good way to integrate your message into the flow of a viewer’s daily life and it becomes more effective when paired with banner ad reminders.

A native advertising strategy tries to connect with the reader by using relatable language and trusted voices. It should be as entertaining as it is informative. A reader is more likely to interact with your ad if they perceive a value to them beyond simply buying your product. If you provide that value a reader will be more likely to share.

There are a lot of ways to inject your message into a native format: relatable written content with facts and images, sponsored name drops, audio content with podcast interviews or even entertaining music (beyond a jingle). You could also give the message to the masses to be remixed into memes or attached to interactive stories via animated GIFs and try to spread your messages virally.

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